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We are TOP 100
Innovator 2023


And now awarded with the TOP 100 seal

The joy is great – we are among the TOP 100 innovators in Germany. An award that shows not only us, but also our employees, customers and suppliers that our motto is not just a slogan, but is lived every day and is an integral part of our corporate culture.

TOP 100 Innovator

Q&A: Interview with Matthias Schmid

Let’s explore the world of TOP 100 together. In an interview with Matthias Schmid, Managing Partner, we clarify what’s behind TOP 100, what it means to be an innovator and how innovations are reflected in the company.

First of all, congratulations on this award

M. Schmid: Thank you very much. Being TOP 100 Innovator 2023 fills us with great joy and pride. Such an award is not received every day and it reflects the efforts and successes of the company and especially their employees in this area.

What is TOP 100?

M. Schmid: TOP 100 is the only comparison of companies in the German SME sector that does not award individual innovations, but rather the innovative strength and innovative success of companies. And it has been doing this for 30 years. The companies are evaluated and awarded in three different size categories. The successful companies come from a wide range of industries.
A: up to 50 employees
B: 51 to 200 employees size – we were awarded in this class
C: over 200 employees

How are the most innovative companies identified?

M. Schmid: After registering for the competition, we had to pass a detailed innovation analysis. The questions on the subject of innovation management form the basis for a well-founded scientific analysis. At the end the most innovative and future-oriented companies are ultimately awarded with the TOP 100 seal – including us.

The evaluation categories:

Senior Management

With which measures does the management support and promote the development of ideas and their implementation?

Climate of Innovation

To what extent does the corporate culture include creativity, willingness to learn and dynamism?

Innovative Processes
and Organisation

How is the process from the idea to market launch organised in the company?

Outward looking /
Open Innovation

Opening of innovation processes to others/external ones, e.g. customers. Valuable knowledge and innovative ideas flow back and forth between companies, sectors and markets.

Successful Innovations

Actual successes that were concretely realised through the innovation activity

Why did Kunststofftechnik Schmid participate in TOP 100?

M. Schmid: We are convinced that we are an innovative and sustainable company. In the past years, we have taken many actions to remain in the market, acquire new customers, secure jobs and set the course for the next generations. We wanted to prove this in the competition. The title TOP 100 shows not only ourselves, but also our employees, customers and suppliers that we take the topic of future viability and innovation seriously and that it is an important part of our daily activities – true to our motto “Boundless dimensions”.

„Boundless dimensions”

– what does this mean exactly?

M. Schmid: We are not a normal supplier for plastics processing and automation. We are the specialists for tricky cases and make the impossible possible. Our innovative strength, the passion for our products, the curiosity and motivation incite us to push technical boundaries and realize our customers’ visions.

What does it mean to you to be an innovator?

M. Schmid: Innovation or innovative strength is not just a strategic approach, it runs like a thread through our entire company. We question our actions every day, looking for new ways and solutions to advance not only us as a company, but also our employees and customers. Being innovative does not only mean to develop new ideas, products and processes, but also take responsibility towards our society and environment.

Can you give us some examples of innovations in your company?

lex product and process development.Furthermore, product competitions were won among customers by completely re-examining and qu

M. Schmid: Until 2015, our business model was entirely based on the production of complex multi-component parts and assemblies. Until then, product development was the responsibility of the customers. From 2016 onwards, we successfully introduced our own development competences. Today, our customers increasingly make use of our development competences on the topic of highly automated inline production lines in combination with compestioning of the current circumstances.

What role do your employees play when it comes to the topic of innovation?

M. Schmid: The most important of all. A company can only be innovative if its employees have the chance to express their innovative strength and are also heard. We give all our employees a lot of freedom in terms of creativity and innovation.

Can you give us an example please?

M. Schmid: In 2021, we have developed, based on an employee idea, solutions and activities with regard to energy-saving technology, so that the company has saved 10% of its total electricity consumption in 2022. In today’s energy crisis, this measure pays off several times. Being innovative means not only creating added value for customers and ourselves, but also being sustainable with resources and our environment.

What else makes your company’s innovativeness visible?

M. Schmid: Our innovativeness is not only demonstrated by our innovative strength in process and product development. Our open corporate culture and employee benefits, modern marketing presence, trade fair and online presences and, finally, state-of-the-art buildings and premises express our technological leadership in its entirety.

Who is behind TOP 100?

The mentor

Ranga Yogeshwar has accompanied TOP 100 as a mentor for eleven years. He is one of Germany’s leading science journalists and is particularly committed to the topics of innovation and knowledge transfer.

The scientific management

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke from the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and his team decide which companies receive the award. From the top innovators, the high-profile TOP 100 jury selects the Innovator of the Year®, i.e. the best in class, in each of the three size categories.

The organiser

TOP 100 was founded by compamedia GmbH in 1993 and since then the company has been the leading provider of benchmarking projects in the SME sector.

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